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Chicago, IL, 60654


Chicago's honorary brown street signs, days, and commemorative honors; the who, what, where, when and why.  Honorary Chicago guide book, maps, biographies, history, trivia, tours, and gifts.



Complete list of honorary street sign designations in Chicago in 2018

List and Totals Graph

Honorary Streets - New in 2018


2018 List
33 new honorary signs

January = 1

Carmie Shoes (Ward: 25)


February = 1

Robert L. Myers (WArd: 18)



Tillie Rybak (Ward: 26)

Inez Loredo (WArd: 25)

Ida B. Wells (WArd: 4)

Anthony J. Pappalas (Ward: 19)

Honorary Joseph Muntaner (Ward: 1)



Eugene Lang (Ward: 16)

Bielsko-Biala (WARD: 29)


May = 8

Chuck Renslow (Ward: 47)

Lt. Harold A. Bezazian (Ward: 46)

Major Gary Hughes (Ward: 13)

James "Jimmy" Tavolino (Ward: 25)

Tony's Deli (Ward: 41)

Jadwiga Kaczynska (Ward: 30)

Gorale Podhalanscy(Ward: 14, 30)

Henry L. Coleman, Sr. (Ward: 29)


June = 3

Officer Barry D. Batson Sr.

FF Steve McNamee

Honorary Gus & June Travlos * (change to previous)

Betty Haynes


July = 5

Michael Isaac Green

Christ Temple Cathedral 

Martin and Theresa Campo

Rev. Malachi G. Baker, Jr. 

Jeanne Uzdawinis

August = Council Holiday

September = 3

Clifton P. Lewis (ward: 37)

Jerry Kehoe (Ward: 38)

Charles J. Barango (Ward: 39)

October = 4

Self Help * (Ward: 48)

Irma and Willie Pickens (Ward: 5)

Margaret Hartigan (WArd: 49)

Pastor Henrietta W Robinson (Ward: 16)

Doris Ivy (Ward: 2)

November = 0

December = 1

Isabel Lopez (Ward: 23)

  • = previously approved, changes made



New Honorary Signs in Chicago by month in 2018

Source: City of Chicago data, Honorary Chicago analysis. Note: August is holiday month

Distribution of New Signs By Ward - Year-To-Date 2018


* Indicates sign was originally approved in a previous year

Source: City of Chicago data, Honorary Chicago research and analysis