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Chicago's honorary brown street signs, days, and commemorative honors; the who, what, where, when and why.  Honorary Chicago guide book, maps, biographies, history, trivia, tours, and gifts.


Frank Lodarek Way

Linda Zabors

Frank Lodarek was the owner of the Big Apple Finer Foods store in the Lincoln Park neighborhood for more than 55 years; a business he started in June 1960 which is now in it’s third generation of family ownership. Frank originally trained as an engineer and learned the food business as a manager of an A&P grocery store. This is also were he met his wife, Mildred. They were married for 71 years.

 Honorary Frank J. Lodarek Way

North Clark Street and Fullerton Avenue


Approved: 2015

Dedicated: September 28, 2019

Ward: 43
Alderman: Michele Smith
Neighborhood: Lincoln Park

2345 N. Clark
Big Apple Finer Foods

d. March 8, 2015 age 93


Marge Britton Way

Linda Zabors

Marguerite Ann Britton, a journalist and a community activist for the Edgewater Neighborhood. She was a free lance writer, a feature editor for the Skokie News, and served on the staff of the 48th Ward. As a public relations professional she also served the Chicago Realtors Association.

She was the President of the Lakewood/Balmoral Residents Council, the first meeting was held in her living room. This group encouraged many more neighborhood groups over the years. Marge and the Council was also instrumental in claiming the Ward office for neighborhood residents and electing a local Alderman who was unaffiliated with a political party. Edgewater succeeded in unseating the “political machine” and reducing gangs and crime. Edgewater has gained popularity among residents and families. This in turn, has attracted large retailers - who are asked to design their storefronts to complement and fit in with the rest of the neighborhood.

The Edgewater Historical Society named Marge Britton a “Living Treasure” in 2014

Alumna: Mundelein College, BA


 Honorary Marge Britton Way

5400 North Magnolia Avenue from Balmoral to Catalpa


Approved: June 2019

Ward: 48
Alderman: Harry Osterman
Neighborhood: Edgewater




source Book. Welcome to the Urban Revolution, by Jeb Brugmann. p. 263

Robert Myers Way

Linda Zabors

An excerpt from…

A Tribute to Robert L. Myers from the City Council of Chicago
February 22, 2017

 In 1984, Bob became a journeyman with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Trade School. He began a career with the City of Chicago in 1987 as a streetlight repairman in the Department of Streets and Sanitation. Bob worked diligent to all tasks and rose through the ranks, eventually becoming the managing deputy commissioner, the third highest ranked position within the Department of Transportation. He demonstrated marked experience and skill in management, public relations, telecommunications, operations and hands-on community amenities to constituents of every age across this great city, selflessly providing quality service to aldermen, peers, staff and laymen alike...

Bob entered into sunset surrounded by his family and close friends. He will be held in the highest esteem as one of the hardest working city employees and one of the best dressed people in City Hall. His indomitable spirit, ceaseless allegiance and distinct sense of style will long and indelibly convey pleasure to those who knew and worked with him. His exemplary service, attention to detail, care and concern will undoubtedly be missed.

An excerpt from the City Council Meeting on 2/22/2017

 Honorary Robert L. Myers Way

west 85th Place from California Avenue to Rockwell Avenue


Approved: February 2018

Ward: 18
Alderman: Derrick Curtis
Neighborhood: Ashburn

d. 2017


Reverend J. M. Stone Drive

Linda Zabors

Reverend James Marcellus Stone was the founder of the Stone Temple Missionary Baptist Church which was a center of the civil rights movement in Chicago in the 1960s. Under Rev. Stone’s leadership, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. preached and held rallies at his church. Rev. Stone was born in Georgia, and he knew Martin Luther King, Sr. (the father of Martin Luther King, Jr.} who was a preacher in Atlanta. The church became the “action center” of King’s Chicago Freedom Movement in 1966. When King moved his family to Chicago to support the civil rights movement in the north, Rev. Stone found an apartment for King’s family near the Church. Rev. Stone joined King’s march in Selma.

The Stone Temple Baptist Church building was designated a Chicago Landmark in 2016.

Honorary Rev. JM Stone Dr



Neighborhood: North Lawndale

Born in Georgia

Stone Temple Baptist Church
3620 W. Douglas Boulevard

Fr. Larry Duris Way

Linda Zabors

Father Larry Duris dedicated himself to the African-American community and to Catholic life and education. He was ordained by John Cardinal Cody, Archbishop of Chicago. Since 2009, Fr. Duris was pastor at St. Ailbe’s Catholic Church on Chicago’s far south side, and unofficially and spontaneously with parishioners and neighbors at the local grocery store. Before St. Ailbe’s he served in 5 other Chicago area parishes. Fr. Duris had a fascination with African-American history, arts, and music; he was known to be a very good pianist.

In January of 2016 he was presented the Pope John XXIII Award for Outstanding Ministry by the Association of Chicago Priests.

Alumni: St. Anthony School in Cicero, St. Peter Catholic School in Skokie, Quigley Preparatory Seminary in Chicago, University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein

Honorary Fr. Larry Duris Way

9015 S. Harper Avenue. South Harper Avenue from 90th to 91st Street


Approved: April 2019

Ward: 8
Alderman: Michelle Harris
Neighborhood: Calumet Heights

Born in Chicago
d. 2018 age 74

Near St. Ailbe’s Catholic Church
9015 S. Harper Avenue

Ronald Lucius Salazar Way

Linda Zabors

Ron Salazar was an architect who worked for the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. He helped coordinate several of Chicago’s biggest events including: Taste of Chicago, Maxwell Street Market, and Christkindlmarket, exhibitions and events at Daley Plaza. He was born in Manila and was very involved with Filipino arts, history, and cultural institutions in Chicago. This included the Phiippine-American Cultural Foundation, the Filipino American Historical Society, community centers and theater groups.

Alumni: University of Illinois at Chicago UIC

Honorary Ronald Lucius Salazar Way

North Elston between Cicero and Kimberly

Approved: April 2019
Ward: 39
Alderman: Margaret Laurino
Neighborhood: Albany Park

Born in the Philippines
d. 2019. age 53


Pastor Victor Rodriguez Way

Linda Zabors

Victor Rodriguez was pastor of the La Villita Community Church, in the Little Village neighborhood. His church keeps kids off the streets by serving as the center for the Chicago Youth Boxing Club. Under his leadership, his church also hosted chili cook-offs and tattoo removal sessions. Pastor Vic was well known for peace keeping and for establishing positive relations between the North Lawndale and South Lawndale communities.

Everyone wants to save the world.
But nobody wants to do the dishes.
- Pastor Vic

Pastor Vic was a huge White Sox fan. His place in the community is immortalized in a mural on 22nd Street which bears his portrait and his mission. From age 9, he lived his entire life in the Little Village neighborhood; as an adult he dedicated himself to God and to the community.

Love God. Love people. Nothing else matters.
- Pastor Vic

Alumni: Christian Life College, Whitney Grade School, Farragut

Honorary Pastor Victor H. Rodriguez Way

West 23rd Street between South Central Park Avenue and South Lawndale Avenue

Approved: April 2019
Ward: 22
Alderman: Ricardo Munoz
Neighborhood: Little Village, South Lawndale

Born in Mexico 1967
Chicago, age 9
d. 2018. age 52

Near La Villita Community Church
2300 S. Millard Avenue


Sam Franco Way

Linda Zabors

Sam Franco was a musician, band leader, teacher, and he restored musical instruments more than 70 years. He served in the Army during WWII and was the band leader of his division. Sam’s passion was for the accordion, he took lessons in the Fine Arts Building. Sam became a very highly regarded music instructor in the Chicago area. He also taught and repaired accordions at his home and at the Old Town School of Folk Music. He was featured in the Chicago Reader and on NPR. In 2013 he was inducted into the Senior Illinoisian Hall of Fame.

Alumni: Chappell Elementary, Amundsen High School

Veteran: Army Air Corp. WWII

Honorary Sam Franco Way

5100 block of N. Claremont Avenue

Approved: April 2019
Ward: 40
Alderman: Patrick O’Connor
Neighborhood: Ravenswood

Born in Chicago 1924
d. 2018. age 93

Near his residence for more than 60 years


Jonathan Bunge Way

Linda Zabors

Jonathan Bunge was the owner of Will’s Northwoods Inn and was an active member and a huge supporter of the South Lakeview business community. Jonathan also owned several rental properties in the Lakeview neighborhood. He was a retired corporate litigator. Jonathan was also very involved with his church and charities such as the Red Cross and the United Way.

Alumni: Princeton University, Harvard University

Veteran: Army

Honorary Jonathan Bunge Way

W. Nelson between Racine and Southport

Approved: 2019
Ward: 32
Alderman: Scott Waguespack
Neighborhood: South Lakeview

d. 2018. age 81

Will’s Northwoods Inn
3030 N. Racine Avenue


Karl Lambrecht Strasse

Linda Zabors

Karl Lambrecht was a pioneering optics manufacturer. He founded the Crystal Optics company, later known as Karl Lambrecht Corp. During WWII he worked at Bell & Howell Co. making large lenses. He was self-taught and developed methods to produce high precision prisms , polarizers, and lenses which are used in research laboratories.

In 1975 he was awarded the Optical Society of America, David Richardson medal.

Honorary Karl Lambrecht Strasse Drive

Neighborhood: Lincoln Square

b. Celle, Germany
d. 2001. age 97.

Karl Lambrecht Corporation
4204 N. Lincoln Avenue


Chicago Tribune, January 27, 2001 - Karl Lambrecht obituary

A Tour from Atop - Chicago from the 80th floor at the Mid-America Club, volume 3

Linda Zabors

Honorary Chicago presents a Chicago author led tour by Linda Zabors

Tour from Atop - April 27th

Volume 3 - Chicago architecture and inventions

Vertical Heart Flag 1.png

A Chicago tour viewed from the private club on the top floor of the Aon Center

Stay warm and dry, this tour is entirely indoors

Saturday, April 27, 2019 10:30 AM


The Mid-America Club

200 East Randolph Street
Aon Building, 80th floor
Chicago, IL, 60601

Saturday, April 27, 10:30 AM

$25 ($15 club members) includes the tour and brunch refreshments
This tour is held indoors with spectacular views of the city below

Reservations required for building access
Contact the Mid-America Club (312) 861-1100

Mid-America Club members can RSVP online or on the app


Ida B Wells Drive official street unveiling

Linda Zabors

February 11, 2019 was the ceremonial unveiling of the street signs honoring Ida B. Wells; it marks the official renaming of Congress Parkway between Grant Park and the expressway. This was the first official renaming of a Chicago street in several decades. The signs for Ida B. Wells Drive, the online maps, and identifiers on CTA buses were in place for several weeks before this event.

The official unveiling was attended by a few hundred people and was held in the Wintergarden of the Harold Washington Library. The new Ida B. Wells Drive borders the library to the south of the building.

Speakers included the sponsoring Aldermen Sophia King and Brendan Reilly; former Channel 7 newscaster Robin Robinson; Patricia Holmes of Harriet’s Daughter; Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton; Claire Hartfield of the League of Women Voters; Cook County President, Toni Preckwinkle; New York Times Journalist, Nikole Hannah-Jones; Mayor Rahm Emanuel; the Great-Granddaughter of Ida B. Wells, Michelle Duster; and Chaz Ebert.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel reminded the audience that Congress Parkway was not the original name of the street. The street had originally been named for President Tyler, who was the only US President to have served in the Confederate Army. The street was renamed Congress Parkway, and now it is named for Ida B. Wells.

Ida B. Wells was born into slavery in Mississippi in 1862. She was educated at Rust College (formerly Shaw University) and became a teacher, publisher, and an outspoken suffragist and civil rights activist. She successfully fought discrimination on public transportation in the court system. One of her unrecognized contributions was to the field of investigative journalism. She challenged the explanations behind lynchings and used public data to support her claims of discrimination. She moved to Chicago from Memphis after threats were made agains her life following the publication of her editorials.

This is the first official street in Chicago to be named for an African-American woman. It is a very prominent street since it is the terminus of the major east-west expressway. This street had been widened to accommodate traffic and to connect the western part of the city and the western suburbs to downtown. It is also the grand entrance to the site of the 1933 Century of Progress World Fair, which was held on what is now the Museum Campus and Northerly Island.

The Ida B. Wells Preparatory Elementary Academy in Chicago is named for her, as are schools in San Francisco, Seattle, and Memphis.


The house where Ida, her husband and children lived in Chicago is a national historic landmark, Ida B. Wells-Barnett House.

The former Ida B. Wells Homes, a group of public housing high-rise, mid-rise, and row houses were located in the Bronzeville neighborhood. These housing projects were built in 1939 and demolished by 2011.

Ida B. Wells Drive

The former Congress Parkway between Grant Park and the expressway


Ward 42

Neighborhood: Chicago Loop and South Loop

Alderman Brendan Reilly (Ward 42) and Alderman Sophia King (Ward 4)


A Tour from Atop - Chicago from the 80th floor at the Mid-America Club, volume 2

Linda Zabors

Honorary Chicago presents a Chicago author led tour by Linda Zabors

Tour from Atop - February 9

Volume 2 - Structures, streets, and waterways - an early Chicago history

Vertical Heart Flag 1.png

A Chicago tour viewed from the private club on the top floor of the Aon Center

Stay warm and dry, this tour is entirely indoors

Saturday, February 9, 2019 10:30 AM


The Mid-America Club

200 East Randolph Street
Aon Building, 80th floor
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Saturday, February 9th, 10:30 AM 

$15 includes the tour and brunch refreshments
This tour is held indoors with spectacular views of the city below

Reservations required for building access
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Class of 2018 by Honorary Chicago

Linda Zabors

As we close out 2018, here is our tally of new honorary signs. There were 33 new honorary streets designated in Chicago this year.



































This total is down from 41 new designations in 2017. The qualification rules for honorary streets were changed as of February 2017

For information on wards and approvals by month see our 2018 annual page.


Major Gary Hughes (Army: Operation Desert Storm. Iraq, Afghanistan)
Lieutenant Harold Bezazian (Army: WWII. Phillipines)*

First responders and military

Barry Batson
Harold Bazazian*
Gary Hughes
Steve McNamee*


Reverend Baker
Pastor Robinson
Christ Temple Cathedral

City employees and elected officials

Robert Myers


Chuck Renslow

Children and Youth

Anthony Pappalas

Local shops

Carmie Shoes
Tony’s Deli

* indicates honoree died in the line of duty

please let us know if we have missed any individuals who belong in these sub-totals


Honorary Ida B. Wells Way and Ida B. Wells Drive

Perhaps the most famous honoree this year is a historical Chicago figure, Ida B. Wells-Barnett. She was an African-American investigative reporter and researcher who used data to expose inequity and violence in Memphis, fought racial discrimination on trains in local and federal courts, and boycotted the 1893 Columbian Exhibition in Chicago.

Note: The official Wells Street in Chicago is not named for Ida Wells; it is named for Captain William Wells, who was an officer who died in battle at Fort Dearborn in early Chicago history.

** Honorary Ida B. Wells Way was designated as a portion of 37th Street. Later in 2018 the east most portion of Congress Parkway was officially renamed Ida B. Wells Drive.