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Chicago's honorary brown street signs, days, and commemorative honors; the who, what, where, when and why.  Honorary Chicago guide book, maps, biographies, history, trivia, tours, and gifts.

Wisconsin Stories

Power Innovation

Linda Zabors

Honoring the following companies which participated in the development of the industrial corridor as an energy power cluster: Eaton, DRS, Rockwell, Johnson Controls, WE Energy, and others.




City of Milwaukee. District 1.

West Hope Avenue from North 27th Street to North 31st Street

Approved: 4/18/2017


Michelle Witmer

Linda Zabors

Michelle was the first National Guard from Wisconsin who died in the Operation Iraqi Freedom conflict.

Veteran: National Guard, Specialist, killed in action April 9, 2004. 




City of Milwaukee. District 6

North Richards Street from East Capitol Drive north to the terminus of North Richards Street


Richards Street Armory and 32nd Military Police Company at the intersection of Richards Street and Fiebrantz Avenue

Approved: 4/2/2014

Born: 1984

Killed in action April 9, 2004. Age 20.


Harry Kemp

Linda Zabors

Photojournalist and Teacher

Veteran: Air Force, 1950




City of Milwaukee. District 6

3600 block of North Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Drive between North 6th Street and North 7th Street

Approved: 1/15/2013


Birthplace: Racine, Wisconsin


Mattiebelle Woods

Linda Zabors

Journalist for more than 50 years, philanthropist, many civic awards including the NAACP Achievement Award




City of Milwaukee. District 15

West Center Street between North 27th Street and West Fond du Lac Avenue


Approved: 10/11/2011

Born: 1902

Died: 2005. Age 102.

Dr. R.E. McCrory

Linda Zabors

Dr. R.E. McCrory was the first honorary street designated by the City of Milwaukee when the program began in 2006.




City of Milwaukee

West Highland Boulevard from North 27th Street to North 29th Street

Approved: 2/7/2006




Elder Jonathan Saffold Sr

Linda Zabors

Pastor Jonathan Saffold founded the Ebenezer Church of God in Christ in 1976. Since 1988  it has been located at 3132 N Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

His ministry supports many social services including health care, early childhood nutrition and care, and support for mothers, the elderly, and ex-offenders. It also hosts election polls and tax preparation services. 

See the Milwaukee Independent for photos and coverage of the sign dedication.

Elder Jonathan Saffold Sr Honorary Street



City of MIlwaukee. District 6

Auer Avenue between Martin Luther King Drive and 3rd Street


Approved: 7/11/2017

Dedicated: October 21, 2017

Mama Freeman

Linda Zabors

Martha "Mama" Freeman is a long-time resident of one of Milwaukee's crime ridden areas.  She is also the mother of 5, a retired corrections office, and an active member of her church and community.  She has earned love and respect by giving nothing but love and respect.  Urban Milwaukee News calls her the "peaceful protector." She has organized kids games in the park, humorously disbanded craps games in the street, and even intervened between a gunned assailant and his would be victim; not only did she get him to give up his gun, she spent all night mediating a conversation between the two men which allowed them to leave on good terms.  She continues to know both of them.

A thoroughly remarkable woman. 




Port Sunlight Way between 25th and 27th Streets.

District 1
City of Milwaukee
Neighborhood: Garden Homes

Approved: 7/11/2017

Homer Simpson Honorary Street

Linda Zabors

Homer V. Simpson owned the Antler's Tavern in 1943 until his death in 1965.  According to Isthemus news, the street being honored was previously named Simpson Street after Homer donated a portion of his land to the City of Madison.  It was renamed Lake Point Drive in an attempt to revitalize the area in the 1990s.  The bar is still owned by the Simpson family.

Every summer since 2010 the long-time neighbors of the original Simpson Street have held a reunion. The organizers of this gathering petitioned to the City to have Lake Point Drive officially restored to the name Simpson Street.  In 2014 the City decided to instead dedicate an honorary sign to Homer V. Simpson.

Photo of Sign on Lake Point Drive at Hoboken Street in Madison, Wisconsin

 Photo: Honorary Chicago

Photo: Honorary Chicago