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Chicago, IL, 60654


Chicago's honorary brown street signs, days, and commemorative honors; the who, what, where, when and why.  Honorary Chicago guide book, maps, biographies, history, trivia, tours, and gifts.


New Honorary Sign Designations in Chicago

Complete list of honorary street sign designations in Chicago since 2014

Lists  -  Interactive Map and Charts  -  Infographics

Honorary Signs Dedicated in Chicago

New This Year


Esther Golar Way

Coach Kirk Vidas Way

Theresa M. Petty-Philpot Way

Dr. Edward & Mildred Cruzat

Kevin Ryan Way

Javier 'Javy' Baez Way



Powisle Dabrowskie Way

Oscar Lopez Rivera Way

Ziemia Moniecka Way

Lucy Gonzalez Parsons Way

FF Bill Grant Way

K9s for Veterans Way

Dee Jay Rodriguez Way

Fred Saufnauer Way

Pastor Earl Grandberry, Sr. Way


George 'Poppie' Black, Sr. Way (Ward: 6)

Honorary Steve Lombardo Way (Ward: 42)

Officer Michael Flisk Avenue (Ward: 19)

Joe Mantegna Way (Ward: 43)



Aleko Konstantinov Way (Ward: 45)

Monsignor Dolan Drive (Ward: 39)



Honorable Clark Burrus Way (42)

Dr. Lorraine R. Broyls Way (34)

Blair Delane Holt Way (Ward: 34)



Nominated, Under Consideration:

Paul Adams Avenue  (Ward: 28)

Alderman Ed H. Smith Way (Ward: 28)

Reverend Johnny Henderson Way (Ward: 28)

Alpha and Omega MBC Way (Ward: 28)

Apostle John T. Abercrombie Avenue (Ward: 28)

Reverend Donald Coleman Avenue (Ward: 28)

Reverend Homer Gardner Avenue (Ward: 28)

Reverend Clifford Spears Avenue (Ward: 28)

Reverend Dr. Marshall E. Hatch Way (Ward: 28)

Reverend Walter L. Williams Way (Ward: 28)

Superintendent Michael Eaddy Avenue (Ward: 28)

Reverend Leroy Elliott Way (Ward: 28)

Reverend S.F. Simpson Ward (Ward: 28)

Saving Our Sons Way (Ward: 28)

Elder Ellis Price Way (Ward: 28)

Reverend Dr. Johnny L. Miller Lane (Ward: 28)

Reverend Elmer Lesure Avenue (Ward: 28)




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Scroll over the map markers to see the names on the signs

Map Data: Copyright 2017 Honorary Chicago; Copyright 2017 CartoDB, Copyright OpenStreetMap contributors.  
Source: City of Chicago data, Honorary Chicago analysis  
Note: marker indicates designated location not posted sign location.
Honorary Chicago junior map editors: E. Rivera, G. Kelly.  


How does 2017 stack up
Compared to 2016?


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GraphS of New Honorary Streets in Chicago Totals by Month and Year

New Honorary Signs in Chicago by month

Source: City of Chicago data, Honorary Chicago analysis. Note: August is holiday month

New Honorary Sign Designations - 5 Years. 2016 = 85, 2015 = 70, 2014 = 60, 2013 = 66, 2012 = 60

Source: City of Chicago data, Honorary Chicago research and analysis

Volume of New Signs - Ward count (Year 2016)

Source: City of Chicago data, Honorary Chicago research and analysis. Note: in 2015 the Ward boundaries changed.

Annual Totals by Ward and Year  ... Coming Soon

Annual totals by Ward and Year - preview


* Indicates sign was originally approved in a previous year
** Note: in 2015 the Ward boundaries changed mid-year and may impact the reporting of ward totals.
Source: City of Chicago data, Honorary Chicago research and analysis

Editorial permission to use charts and data with attribution to